June 13-15, 2018
St. Gallen (Switzerland)

4th Advances in Destination Management


The 2018 edition of the Advances in Destination Management forum invites contributions in six different streams, which link to previous ADM discussions and insights. Please note: Before submitting your contribution, please consult the academic or practitioner submission guidelines. If you have submitted a contribution, conveners will inform you if your paper is accepted or rejected by early March 2018.

Stream 1: Destinations as storyscapes

This stream invites contributions that advance our understanding of destinations as storyscapes (cf. Chronis, 2005) and tourist behavior. The discussions of the past forums (cf. 2016 and 2014) highlight the relevance of experiences and storyfication and point to a number of research gaps. In short, contributions to this stream are encourage to provide a perspective on who is retelling what, why, and how from multidisciplinary perspectives. In addition, we welcome insightful storyfication cases that highlight the interaction between tourism resources, tourist perception, and behavioral implications.

Stream 2: What is next in destination strategy?

The second steam invites a broad spectrum of contributions that deal with innovative managerial practices, entrepreneurship, and strategic issues in destination settings. Discussions in 2016 have highlighted the limitations of existing strategy processes and artifacts in tourist destinations. This stream welcomes contributions that explore new guidelines for strategy development and implementation in destination settings that purposefully extend beyond the planning and positioning school assumptions (Mintzberg & Lampel, 1999) dominating current practices.

Stream 3: The future of destination management organizations 

All past consensuses demonstrate the intense academic and practical discussions on the purpose and legitimacy of destination management organizations. To advance our understanding and provide a sense of perspective, the third stream invites contributions that deal with the ways in which future DMOs can contribute to the overall productivity of destinations, how they might be organized or changed and what this implies from different perspectives. We particularly welcome cases of bricolage and experimental DMO designs from different contexts across the globe.

Stream 4: Measurement of tourist behavior and data integration for tourism purposes

Destination marketing and management activities potentially realize enormous benefits from automated measurement and prediction of tourist behavior. The fourth stream encourages contributions that deal with the measurement of a broad range of (online and offline) tourist behavior aimed at creating actionable advice. Specifically, we invite critical reflections of measurement methodologies and techniques as well as discussions of data integration challenges, biases, etc. that are of interest to industry professionals, policy makers, and researchers alike.

Stream 5: Governance, regulation, and leadership for destination networks

The fifth stream welcomes contributions that deal with underdeveloped issues with regard to the governance and regulation of as well as leadership for competitive tourist destinations. Submissions are encouraged to consider a polycentric network perspective at a network- or actor-level, consider regulatory or tourism taxation issues or the role of small and medium-sized enterprises for matters of destination development and leadership.

Stream 6: Open advances

In keeping with the motto: “Don’t let structure hold you back. Show us your new ideas!” the sixth stream is home of all contributions that wish to address new issues, introduce new concepts and practices, or present noteworthy niche topics, that do not match the other submission streams.