June 13-15, 2018
St. Gallen (Switzerland)

4th Advances in Destination Management

Guidelines for practitioner submissions

Practitioner title page (example)

Practitioner title page (example)

Content. Practitioner submission must take the form of a short presentation outline. The outline is focused on the main ideas you would like to convey in your presentation. Please explain:

  • the purpose of your presentation,
  • the main problems/ challenges discussed,
  • your main content (any type/form),
  • the conclusions you offer and
  • possibly any a call for action directed at researchers or fellow practitioners. 

Copyrights remain with speakers at all times. This allows sharing and getting feedback on your most recent projects, insights, and work in progress. Challenge us!

Format. Your submission should comprise about 1-2 pages of full text or bullet points. Except for page limitations, we adhere to the “Your-Presentation-Your-Way” formatting philosophy. Please be reasonable and consider your audience!

We supply conference attendees with a book of abstracts. To include your work, you must submit an executive summary (i.e., your main message and content in about 100 words) for your presentation using our abstract template.

To handle the inflow of submissions, please do not forget to include the following information on a separate title page (see specimen to the right).


We ask you to submit 3 files via email to destination.management@unisg.ch:

  1. your executive summary in our template;
  2. your presentation outline; and
  3. your title page.

Submission period ends Monday, April 2, 2018, 08:00:00 (CET).

Consensus. As a point of reference or to connect to previous years' discussions, the past Consensus on Destination Management can be accessed via the following links: